The Lock Block Padlock Protector
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When You Padlock It, Lock Block® It

Are You Using a Padlock to Protect Your Hard Earned Assets? Don't Let This Happen To You!

Padlock falling prey to the bolt cutter

If you're really serious about protecting your hard earned possessions and actively deterring thieves, then The Lock Block® padlock protector is the only security device that you'll ever need for your peace of mind.


LOCK BLOCK® Features:
Stainless Steel Casting
Protects padlocks from 40mm-50mm (1.6 - 2.0 inches)
Rugged long lasting design
Designed for maximum versatility
Uses include: motorcycles, gates, toolboxes, sheds, trailers...most places padlocks are used
Designed and manufactured to give the padlock the ultimate protection


As easy as 1,2,3..


Why wait until the neighbourhood prowler empties your garage whilst you're at work?

Click here and order your Lock Block® now for just US$19.95.

The Lock Block® padlock protector has been designed to be versatile and has lots of uses.Lock Block in use on a gatePlease check out our gallery to see it in action

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"I am responsible for the security of buildings, parks and playing fields for the council which is a challenge. We had enormous problems with vandalized padlocks.

Not any more! We now install the Lock Block® padlock protector. What a fantastic security product!

"Wayne Hancock
The City of Casey Council
Victoria, Australia

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Is a padlock really enough to protect your property?

Humble padlocks are of little use in a high-risk situation.

In fact, they offer no resistance to determined thieves and are almost an open invitation. If you need to leave your valuable property in an isolated or unattended area for any length of time, then a padlock is insufficient.

By itself your padlock is naked, puny and vulnerable. One bite and the jaws of the bolt cutter have snapped it off or one blow with a hammer and your padlock is finished!


Padlocks can be easily removed in seconds by bolt cutters, hammers or leverage attacks

Unprotected padlock

There is a unique solution and it's here!

The Lock Block® padlock protector was designed to provide padlocks with bullet-proof protection. This patented new design blocks access to the padlock's hasp or bolt, making tampering or quick removal of your padlock impossible.

Your valuable possessions are kept secure and the would be intruder is stopped in their tracks before they can start wreaking havoc!

They will look elsewhere for easy, unprotected targets, knowing instantly that the Lock Block® padlock protector is a force to be reckoned with. This incredibly versatile security product has been designed to fit 1.6" - 2" (40mm - 50mm) sized standard padlocks.

Click here to order your Lock Block® now for just US$19.95

It's both portable and versatile in a range of uses

The Lock Block® padlock protector is ideally suited to protect padlocks in use in many areas including the following...


With the Lock Block® Padlock Protector in place there's no need to worry. It provides a strong visual deterrent to would be thieves.

Padlock protected by the Lock Block padlock protector

Lock Block in action on a shed

  • Toolbox lock
  • Motorcycle lock
  • Trailer lock
  • Garden sheds
  • Gate lock


  • 4WDs
  • Caravans
  • Winnebagos
  • Building sites
  • Farming uses such as protecting diesel fuel
Lock Block in action on a motorcycle wheel brake disc

How much is your peace of mind worth?

How long and hard did you work to earn the money to buy your valuable possessions or tools of trade?

How would you feel to wake to find them gone?

And how much would you pay to STOP that from happening?

At the surprisingly low cost of only US$19.95, we're sure you'll agree that The Lock Block is incredible value for such an innovative security solution and the price of peace is small. And...

If it prevents just one act of theft then you will have recouped your cost many times over. Why spend hundreds of dollars on an alternative solution when you can supercharge any padlock for a fraction of the cost?

And you're further protected by the bonus security of our 100% risk-free guarantees...

30 days unconditional Money Back Guarantee

We are so convinced you will find the Lock Block® is everything we say it is, we make you this cast-iron promise;

"If within 30 days, and for any reason whatsoever, you feel that the Lock Block® is not for you, simply return it to us and receive a full and courteous refund. No questions asked!"

10 year no-strings attached Replacement Guarantee

We are also so confident in the quality and workmanship of the Lock Block®, that we make you this promise;

"If your Lock Block® should break or is found to be faulty at any time within 10 years of the date of purchase, then simply return it to us and we will replace it free of charge. No questions asked!"

Act Now. Give you and your family the protection they deserve.

Click here to order your Lock Block® now for just US$19.95

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